Brand Partnerships

Since creativity is our strong suite, we’ve helped many a brand to deepen their experience with customers and to engage their influencers with unique and fun craft-based activities and to take their social media presence to the next level.

Brother Sewing Logo

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Brother, the makers of sewing machines, dating from 2018. We’re their preferred partners to help with their brand-building activities and we’ve helped them organize many events towards this. In October 2018, we were the implementation partner for their CSR event titled ‘Brother Sewing Hope’ –  a community day to sew winter clothing for children in need.  The event was a great success with 180 people filling timed slots throughout the day to create 110 tracksuits for children in need.  The completed items were donated to The Happiness Caravan of Dar Al Ber Society.

Similarly in November 2019 and December 2022, we were the implementation partners for the Brother Gulf CSR community event to sew reusable shopping bags and thus contribute to the reduction of the use of plastic bags.

Most recently, we helped Brother launch new models of their sewing machines at a glittering event at BlaBla. Brother also introduced an app called Artspira, which is a powerhouse resource for sewists allowing them to access designs and patterns and leverage technology to up their sewing game.

We are certain that we will continue to bring more events to the sewing community in UAE through our partnership with Brother, while doing some good in the process.

As part of its CSR activity, Coca cola had this brilliant idea to turn their surplus Coca Cola T-shirts into bags, which could be used by their employees to reduce their plastic bag consumption. We offered our technical expertise, conducting an online workshop for all the women employees of Coca Cola regional offices in the Middle East. This initiative was an incredible melange of sustainability, environmental protection and employee engagement.


Brand activations

Many brands would like to leverage influencers for maximum impact. This is where we step with our unique mix of style and creativity, which help to engage influencers in interesting and fun activities so that they can post meaningful content that is in sync with the brand image and therefore enhance the brand’s social media presence. We had a month-long activation with

Dubai Mall, where we manned a booth which created personalized embroidery sewed on to merchandise for shoppers who spent above a certain amount. We’ve had an event where influencers created baubles and decorations for a premier fashion portal This is the fun, exciting and buzzy part of our work, which does not necessarily have a humanitarian angle, but where we like to burn off our excess creative energy while helping out brands. Do reach out to us for  events or activations which will breathe an air of freshness and excitement in your brand campaigns and help you maximise your influencer engagement.