At Skills3, we use Design Thinking for Social Good. Our eco-creative and socially inspired craft workshops not only align with company values but also actively involve employees, enhance skill development and team dynamics to ensure a productive approach to addressing social and environmental challenges. Knowing that the company is making a difference in addressing the triple bottom line: profit, people and planet can contribute to a positive workplace atmosphere. Join us in building a world where employees thrive and contribute to positive change in our community and beyond.


View authentic examples:

HSBC WPB Global Retreat

In partnership with Companies For Good, Skills3 facilitated a high energy fun team-building activity for 450 HSBC Wealth and Personal Banking employees from their worldwide offices, who convened in Dubai for a Global Retreat in 2023.  To infuse a different dimension to their corporate gathering and harness their collective energy for a noble cause, participants created soft toy penguins intended for children affected by the Turkish earthquake.

  • Activity: Soft Toy Penguin Making
  • Beneficiaries: Children impacted by the Turkey Earthquake
  • No. of participants:   450 employees

Citi Group

Recycling/upcycling and environmental conservation are challenging themes to effectively educate and engage  employees in a team building activity. In partnership with Companies For Good, we crafted a unique creative workshop called Camel Waste to Art to address these issues.

 Citi Group employees enjoyed the opportunity to transform their waste into art, filling and adorning a metal camel installation. Camels symbolize the environmental well-being of this region. The event fostered teamwork and prompted reflection on individual waste production.

  • Activity: Camel Waste to Art
  • No. of participants: 80 employees
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Salesforce World Tour Summit

In a bid to revolutionize the landscape of major corporate conventions and promote innovative networking approaches with a humanitarian twist, Skills3 and Companies for Good joined forces to introduce a unique activity at the Salesforce World Tour Summit 2023 in Dubai.

Delegates were welcomed to the Companies for Good stand, where Skills3 inspired participants to craft soft toy penguins destined for children in underserved communities around the globe. Designed with a user-centric and simplified methodology, the activity aimed to encourage effective interaction among participants and foster fulfilment from doing good.

  • Activity: Soft Toy Penguin Making
  • Beneficiaries: Children from disadvantaged communities
  • No. of participants: 1,500 attendees
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An imaginative way of encouraging team connectivity and growth.  Through our partnership with Thrift For Good, PwC Dubai staff assimilated learning through enjoyment about how clothing consumption impacts the environment.  They gained insights into the circular economy by crafting their own rope bowls using fabric strips sourced from Thrift For Good’s dead stock clothing inventory.  Supporting Thrift For Good’s work at rehoming preloved clothing means more resources to continue their work at supporting education for disadvantaged children abroad.

  • Activity: Craft a Colourful Bowl
  • No. of Participants: 40 employees

Brother Sew It, Don’t Throw It

In November 2023, Skills3 designed and executed the Brother ‘Sew It, Don’t Throw It’ event in Dubai. This community-driven initiative aimed to raise awareness about repurposing and waste reduction through meaningful actions, in line with Brother Gulf’s commitment to social responsibility. 

Both Brother staff and community members were encouraged to bring their preloved denim jeans to the event. Participants had the chance to explore inventive ways of transforming these jeans into practical items, thereby extending the lifespan of the denim fabric and contributing to waste reduction. As advocates for measuring impact, Skills3 was pleased to report that at the end of the event, 85 pairs of jeans had been upcycled into 82 denim bags and various other projects, resulting in the preservation of 61.7kg of denim fabric from ending up in landfills. In essence, the Brother ‘Sew It, Don’t Throw It’ event embodied zero waste principles by promoting the circular economy, engaging the community in sustainable practices, and transparently quantifying the positive environmental impact achieved. Skills3’s role extended beyond event planning; it captured a commitment to motivating a culture of mindful consumption and responsible waste management.

  • Activity: Upcycling Denim Jeans
  • No. of Participants: 150 persons
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NovoNordisk LLC

Children from underprivileged communities experience positive impacts when provided with new school supplies. The joy of receiving these supplies not only boosts their morale but also instills a passion for learning. In partnership with Companies For Good,

Skills3 facilitated a school supplies packing workshop with an unique twist for NovoNordisk Dubai. In addition to packing a school, employees spent time creating handmade covered notebooks and decorated water bottles, adding a personalized touch to each pack. These packed school bags were then distributed to children in Baharkha Refugee Camp in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq: A prime demonstration of creativity for a positive cause.

  • Activity: Packing School Supplies
  • No. of Participants: 40 persons
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