Skills3 has empowered disadvantaged women by training them in handcraft skills as a pathway to economic self-reliance.

Since 2017, Skills3 has empowered disadvantaged women by training them in handcraft skills as a pathway to economic self-reliance.  Our holistic design approach and practical teaching methodology considers cultural, geographical, religious and familial values of the women.

Not only to equip them with the skills to earn a living but also instil the confidence to pursue larger goals in work and entrepreneurship. Through our sewing and handcraft initiatives, our vision is to transform disadvantaged/displaced communities in the Middle East by helping them find a sustainable strategy to achieve financial autonomy. One woman’s success benefits the entire community. 


In 2021, Skills 3, in collaboration with UNHCR and Accenture, provided sewing training to mothers of children studying in Lotus Retal. The training enabled them to create and sell their own products under their own label “Basmat Amal” or “Stamp of Hope”. 



Rawafed is an educational social initiative in Sharjah focused on informal education and vocational skills. Through a partnership with Skills3, our vocational sewing program  supports economically impacted young women, fostering economic independence. 

Skills3 monitored the training of more young women, and we also helped them sell their products through our distribution channels and retail partners. Learning to create marketable products, the women continued sewing and selling them under their own labels, "Joud" for Generosity and Basmat Amal for "Stamp of Hope".


Petooti is a Dubai-based organization involved in rescuing stray animals. During the Pandemic, Petooti embarked on a novel revenue stream by partnering with Skills3 to train furloughed Filipino women to sew fabric masks. This initiative not only provided income to the women but also contributed to public health, with the profits directed towards treating injured animals.


From 2017 to 2020, we collaborated with the Overseas Labor Office of the Philippine Consulate in Dubai to implement a training program for displaced and distressed Filipino female workers temporarily sheltered at the consulate compound.

Inspired by our workshops, more women wanted to learn to sew and take steps on the road to financial self-reliance.  We are in talks with BHHF to return to Baharka to replicate the ‘Sewing for Hope’ training program.


The founders of Skills3 joined forces  with Canaturk Organization in 2016 to provide sewing training to Syrian widows at a refugee family center in Gaziantep, Turkey. The program primarily focused on therapeutic benefits, helping to restore their well-being and rebuild their confidence.


In 2017, Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation (BHHF) entrusted us with the task of conducting a series of training workshops for the women residing in Baharka refugee camp in Erbil, Iraq. Over the course of 14 workshops, Skills 3 trained 24 women in the art of sewing bags and clothing, both for sale and personal use.